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Jamie Baguley

Jamie Baguley

Player of the Match
Goals scored


Age 31 ( feel 24 )

Position - midfield / forward

Clubs - to many to mention ( more clubs than Tiger Woods )

Heys debut - played in a shirt 9 sizes to small and couldn't breathe ( bagged hat-trick though ) Breightmet (away)

Heys memory - none yet ask me in May

Match day rituals - at least 4 dumps before a game

Team supported - Man United

Sports - boxing fanatic / tennis

Best film - Shawshank Redemption

TV - drama (Peaky Blinders )

Music - love Motown / house music

Most talented player - some great young talent but Dalton shades it got excellent close control and ability.

Most vain player – Darius, loves a hair cut every week n loves a gym session

Best trainer - few in this but going with the older crowd Tierney / Blackers / Brad / Mark Baggs ( 30 years plus n still going strong week in week out )

Funniest player - me ( standard ) Without me Heys would be boring

Longest in the shower - our kid the coke can, Woody the wheat crunchie or Max doing his hair you decide ????

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